Why Exhibit

NEW OPPORTUNITIES for GIFTS & HOUSEWARES: Surging Demand in ASEAN and Neighboring Countries

Amidst global economy recovery, export growth in major countries is rebounding to pre-pandemic levels and even surpassing them. In 2021, significant export increases have been observed in numerous Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, India, and Turkey, particularly to the Middle East, ASEAN, and Russia, where purchasing power is on the rise. With the resumption of seasonal celebrations and a growing desire among consumers across these regions to revamp their living spaces, the demand for imported gifts and lifestyle homeware is skyrocketing.


With the easing of visa application process by the Thailand government and the increasing no. of international flights, the no. of visitors in Thailand had been rising continuously. According to Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports, during 1 Jan to 7 Sep 2023, there are a total of 20,003,972 overseas visitors arriving in Thailand. During the summer vacation & travelling peak seasons, the total no. of overseas visitors amounted to 7,199,886.


MEGA SHOW Bangkok provides an exceptional platform for all export-oriented suppliers from Asia to connect with the eager-to-buy buyers from ASEAN and around the world. The inaugural show in 2023 attracted 6,292 buyers from 44 countries and regions (including Thailand, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan etc.).

The 2024 MEGA SHOW Bangkok will be held in mid-July, providing additional sourcing opportunities to international buyers. The scale of the show will be expanded to around 1,000 booths. We have already introduced the Bangkok show to international buyers during the 2023 MEGA SHOW Hong Kong, and the response was overwhelming. To help our exhibitors reach more potential clients and create business opportunities, we will launch large-scale advertising campaign to attract more overseas buyers to the show in the upcoming months.

Our target buyer Database ( 830,000+ data )

Country / Region No. of Buyer Data
China 460,000+
India 72,000+
Japan 35,000+
Taiwan 32,000+
Thailand 27,000+
Singapore 23,000+
Korea 22,000+
Russia 20,000+
UAE 19,000+
Malaysia 18,000+
Turkey 16,000+
Indonesia 11,000+
Saudi Arabia11,000+
Philippines 9,000+
Vietnam 7,000+
Pakistan 5,000+
Israel 4,000+
Iran 3,000+
Bangladesh 3,000+
Cambodia 2,000+

5 Big Reasons For Exhibiting at the 2023 MEGA SHOW-Bangkok

  • To Kickstart Business Growth Ahead of your Compeititors in the Post-pandemic era and beyond.

  • To Reach Keen-to-purchase Global Buyers from the US, Europe and across Asia who are eagerly Making a Return to Asia for Sourcing and Buying.

  • To Gain an In-depth Understanding of ASEAN's Consumer Needs.

  • To Tap into the Import-dependent Middle East Market.

  • To Build Competitive Edge in Today's Ever-changing Market Environment.

Exhibit at MEGA SHOW-Bangkok

  • To Gain an In-depth Understanding of ASEAN's Unique Consumer Culture & Needs
  • To Tap into the Import-dependent Middle East Market
  • To Build Competitive Edge in Today's Ever-changing Market Environment

2023 MEGA SHOW - Bangkok is posed to be an exceptional showcase of Asia’s best in Thailand. The new show offers a not-to-be missed chance for buyers in Thailand and across ASEAN and the Middle East to source Asian-made consumer products with innovative designs, excellent quality and competitive prices.

Reaching Keen-to-purchase Buyers in the Fast-growing ASEAN and Middle East Markets

The Organiser will launch a series of special promotion and invitation campaigns to recruit buyers from ASEAN and Middle East who have been regular visitors to April trade fairs held in China and Hong Kong for visiting this July Bangkok show.

Supporting Activities During Show Period

During the show period, a series of concurrent supporting activities will be held to add value to both exhibitors and visitors.

Industry Forum & Market Seminars

To address industry issues and provide insights into the upcoming market and product trends.

Business-Matching Sessions

To enable exhibitors to meet with their pre-selected target buyers during the show period. Based on the matching results, we will line up and schedule for matched exhibitors and buyers face-to-face meetings at the showground.